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Here's the full collection of "Ad's we'd like to see..." lampooning Madison Avenue and the high-tech industry.  Ads include the classic Microsoft "snitch" campaign to spoofs on "Got Milk" and Sprint's ubiquitous print ads.  New ads are posted regularly.  Subscribe to the free email newsletter so you'll be notified monthly of the best new items.

Shnob Appeal
January 31, 2010

Charles Schwab & Co has managed to keep their nose clean while other brokerages were hit with conflict of interest scandals.  But now even Co-CEO Charles Schwab has quit his own firm.  Chuck, as he's known, has long been the underdog of individual investors.  These days, he might benefit from a fresh start, too.  More...

Big N' Ugly
January 21, 2010

Do you ever find yourself reading the nutritional information at a fast food restaurant?  Sometimes it feels like it's not fast and not even food. If there's truth in advertising, maybe McDonald's next campaign would look something like this...  More...

Absolut Crash
November 23, 2008

We've seen the rise and fall of the Internet economy as measured with Nasdaq now trading at pre-bubble levels.  And every day seems to bring more and more bad news.  So what's an investor to do?  Well, this ad we'd like to see is probably the best investment advice yet...  More...

Dude, Where's My Lawyer?
December 1, 2007

Ben Curtis, also known as Steven the Dell "dude" managed to irritate a nation with his goofy antics in commercials.  Unfortunately, Curtis got busted recently for buying a dime bag of pot in New York city. While most people predict this is the end of his advertising career, I believe this could be the big break Curtis needs to get to Hollywood...  More...

July 26, 2007

Did you ever notice how every CEO and technology titan dresses the same?  I mean, sure, Steve Jobs did the turtleneck thing before anyone else.  But now it looks like everyone is wearing the same khakis, white shirt or mock turtleneck.  Is it because they are all on each other's boards?  Is it something in the water?  Or more likely, they all shop at the same online web site...  More...

Got Clap?
October 4, 2006

The Got Milk campaign has been one of the longest and most successful branding campaigns around.  Bands from Aeorosmith to Kiss have been featured.  But rock stars and milk?  I mean, how believable is that.  Maybe if it was really getting into the rock circuit we'd see something more like this ad...  More...

Splint Brain Phone
August 10, 2006

Do cell phones cause cancer?  Who knows.  But if they do, you know the cell phone companies and wireless carriers will figure out a way to use that in their latest advertising campaigns.  Can anytime any tumor minutes be far off?  More...

May 31, 2006

Ever wonder what kind of credit card Scott Sullivan, former CFO at WorldCom carries?  On the other hand, with $45 million in profits on WorldCom stock, maybe Scott needs a bail bond card more than he needs a credit card.   More...

Oracle #1
September 26, 2003

Oracle has never quite gotten over being the #2 software company behind Microsoft And as a result, CEO Larry Ellison has more "Bill Envy" than anyone on the planet.  So to add a little realism to Oracle's advertising campaign, here's our version of their next print ad...  More...

Absolut Pride
September 11, 2002

What else is there to say?  More...

Snitch In Time
August 4, 2002

Like on-again off-again lovers, Apple and Microsoft are sometimes partners and sometimes rivals but always interesting to observe.  With Apple's latest "switch" campaign making the rounds, we thought it might be interesting to consider Microsoft's own campaign.  More...

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