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Dear Scott...

Nate Orenstam
Tuesday, August 03, 1999

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100% CaffeinatedTo: Scott McNealy
Chief Big Guy
Sun MicroSystems


Dear Scott:

I wanted to let you know that I am very interested in taking over Alan Baratz's position at Sun Microsystems as the President of the Java Division, group or whatever. I am particularly interested in knowing who gets the remainder of Alan's stock options.  I have personally had a lot of experience with Java. I regularly have 2 cups, sometimes 3 in a day, depending how late I stayed up with my wife the night before. Java is going to be a hot technology and there are a lot of challenges on the horizon. Mostly challenges that Alan created. I told him not to acquire NetDynamics. And that Diba thing, what the heck was that about? Those guys are like mafioso selling internet appliance bread makers.  At any rate, consider this: You've got AOL and Netscape running you ragged, a threeway committee designing the next generation application server, Microsoft and the sue me / sue you blues, and an open platform that is quickly being eroded by NT an operating system that costs 1/2 as much and runs on open industry standards. You need to bring on board someone bold.  Someone visionary. Someone with a sense of humor. Someone who will at least not screw it up any more than it already is.

I have a lot of wild marketing ideas that I'd like to discuss with you, namely:

  • A live action TV series with Java Man and his Java Ring
  • A cross-branding strategy with Starbucks java-mocha fat-free ice cream
  • Shipping products after you announce them, preferably in the same year
  • Completing products before you ship them
  • Charging money for products that really work

Ok, those last few may be a bit much, but what the heck. If its creative thinking you want, we'll just sit down and grind it out (no pun intended).

--Sidd Finch

PS. I can't believe the nerve of Alan to quit after you promoted him. Is it true he was after your job?

About the author
Nate Orenstam is a Silicon Valley programmer with a penchant for double-decaf non-fat capuccinos, also known as a "why bother." 

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