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Harry Potter's Midlife Crisis

Zack Urlocker
Monday, December 24, 2007

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The Trouble With Harry

Mad About HarryThe latest Harry Potter book has hit bookstores and is breaking records worldwide. Author JK Rowling has created a franchise that just keeps turning out new books every year with Harry getting a year older and his audience getting even broader.  But how long can this trend continue?  Will young readers today really want to read about Harry when he becomes a snotty teenager?  And what about the magical midlife crisis?  Here are a few books I think we won't be seeing any time soon.

  • Harry Potter Under the Influence of the Magical Bong
  • Harry Potter Experiments With Gender Roles
  • Harry Potter Sues His Parents
  • Harry Potter Gets an MBA
  • Harry Potter, Actuary to the Stars (accredited F.S.A., M.A.A.A.)
  • Harry Potter and the Colossal Compounding of Deferred Taxable Investments
  • Harry Potter and the Fantastical File Shredder
  • Harry Potter and the Shareholder Revolt
  • Harry Potter and the Hostile Takeover by Disney
  • Harry Potter and the Magical Blue Pill
  • Harry Potter Pursues Consulting Opportunities

About the author
Zack Urlocker is a pseudonym for a Silicon Valley software executive going through his own midlife crisis.  He is author of "Valley of the Geeks" published by iUniverse. 

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