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Obscure Holidays

Zack Urlocker
Thursday, November 24, 2005

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Calendra Obscura

Time fliesRecently I received emails telling me about such obscure holidays as Friendship Day (August 6), Sister's Day (August 4), and SysAdmin Day (July 25).  Presumably the idea was to help the economy along by sending that special someone a card, flowers or perhaps a properly configured router so they could keep the friggin' email server up.  Being too cheap to send an actual gift I decided to research what other obscure holidays are out there. 

10. Bring your lawyer to work day -- Especially when announcing earnings

9. Feast of St Microsoft -- Also known as DOS Compatibility day

8. Punch a mime day -- Sadly, only once a year

7. Drive your spouse to drink day -- Happens regularly, actually

6. Kick your broker day -- A framed Enron stock certificate makes a nice gift

5. Office kleptomania day -- Send a nice gift of Post-it Notes, or better yet, a fancy red Swingline stapler

4. Celebrate the fifth amendment day -- No comment

3. Alcoholics Unanimous day -- I'll drink to that!

2. Eat your pets week  -- Think of it as getting a return on your investment

1. Take your CFO to prison day -- And ask for a receipt

About the author
Zack Urlocker is a pseudonym for a Silicon Valley software executive. 

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