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MC Rap

Sidd Finch
Sunday, December 01, 2002

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In the 228, Dawg!

MC RapMichael Capellas is clearly a versatile executive. His career took him from Oracle to Compaq and now that Compaq has been merged with HP, he's become CEO of WorldCom. Say what? That's right, WorldCom. The only question is can Capellas change his tune from the clean-cut software rock and roll to the take-no-prisoners telecommunications rap? Here's the latest from GrandMaster MC...


I'm Mike C the biggest mother effer
Big enough to take on Bernie Ebbers
I'm a big bad turnaround artist
Don't need stocks run by a chartist

Get from the 408 to the Interstate, dawg!

Get me the CIO on the telephone
What you mean phone home?
I tell you not to roam
You lookit me like I'm a clone
But that's the way things get done

Get to the 228 and don't be late, dawg!

Give me a heave, a ho and a harly
Get me phone and I'll call Carly
I gotta deal well worth takin
Its worth all the revenue worldcom was fakin'!

Get me tutti-frutti, don't need Rudy, dawg!

About the author
Sidd Finch is a telecommunications industry reporter born in the USA.

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