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More Out of Print

Zack Urlocker
Thursday, May 04, 2006

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More Books Destined for the Remainder Bin Laden

RTFMOne of the reasons Valley of the Geeks was published at iUniverse was because of the rapid turnaround.  With print-on-demand technology, books go from manuscript to finished product in weeks, compared with the traditional process that can take eighteen or even twenty-four months.  So some books that may have sounded like best-sellers a year and half ago, might not have much appeal these days.  Here's our look at ten more top books destined for the remainder bin...


Email Management Made Easy, Frank Quattrone

Harry Potter and the Enchanted Nasdaq, Alan Greenspan

Send Lawyers, Guns and Money - My Life as a Media Titan at Napster, Sean Fanning

You're 60 and You're Screwed! Making the Most of the Dot Com Bust, Charles Schwab

My Brilliant Career - How I Rescued Apple and Beat Microsoft, Steve Jobs

Rich Dad's Guide to Internet Pornography, Larry Flint

Complete Idiot's Guide to Tax Evasion, Bernie Ebbers

The Miracle Book of Enronomics, Jeff Skilling

Dollar-Wise Guide to Retirement, Jack Grubman

Rich Dad, Really Rich Dad, Bill Gates

Kill All The Lawyers, Sam Palmisano

About the author
Zack Urlocker is a pseudonym for a Silicon Valley software executive and author of "Valley of the Geeks" published by iUniverse. 

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