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Sidd Finch
Friday, April 20, 2007

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Word Up!

Ever hear of the term "portmanteau?"   It comes from combining two or more distinct words to create a brand new one.  Like smog or Reaganomics. So how about these new terms to add to your high-tech dictionary?

: Where unsolicited email goes

DS Hell: Tech support with Pac Bell

Generica: Mall town, USA

Doorjam:  When someone comes into your cubicle and keeps on talking, preventing you from leaving

Smerger: Hostile takeover

Hellidays: Christmas with family

Blogjam: Too much to write in your web diary

Shaggilac: Paradise by the dashboard lights

Actuain't: You're just an accountant

Marketechture: What the VP of Slideware produces

MPFree: New music file format on the internet

Decap: Decaf capuccino

Oblischmooze: Work-related social function

Re-cal: What's going on in the state politics in California

Governator: If Ahnold wins in the election

Sharketizers: Local Santa Cruz surf dudes

Cycledelic: Hallucinations after a long day of riding

Tourtoise France: Last guy in a cycling race

Whyathalon: What you're asking yourself on the last leg of a difficult journey

Ciaoabunga: bye, bye

About the author
Sidd Finch is a telecommunications reporter and ardent scrabble cheater.

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