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BEA No. 1 in TLA

Nate Orenstam
Wednesday, December 19, 2007

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WTF?(CeBIT, Gmbh) BEA (NASD:BEAS) today announced WebLogic Server 7.0 (WLS) the leader in the rapidly growing TLA (three-letter acronym) market. Research firm IDC estimates that TLA will achieve CAGR of 120% among G2000 IT departments through 2005 contributing significant ROI to BEA and a higher P/E given the EBITDA in FYQ2.

WLS supports EAI and B2Bi using J2EE JMS and JCA for leading CRM, SFA and ERP. WLS is fully compatible with XML, SOAP and UDDI. Data access via SQL, ASP .NET, LDAP, OLE DB, ODBC and JDBC. SSL has been added as well as APIs for Open SSH, PAM and IPsec for ACL via TCP/IP and HTTPS. OS support includes NT, GNU Linux/SuSE and VMS with IBM S/390 w/ 128 Mb of RAM. Supports SNMP from MS MOM, HP, BMC, CA. Future support will include PDA, CE and RIM with GPRS/3G for B2C and M2M P2P communications.

Available through SIs including AMS, CSC, KPMG, PwC and VAR/OEMs ATG, NEC, NCR, EDS. Customers include AMR, AOL, BP, CSX, CVS, DHL, FMC, HSBC, ITT, LG Intl, MBNA, SWIFT, SBC, SNCF, TIAA-CREF, TRW, USAF, UAL, UBS and USX.

When asked when its going to ship, CMO and ex-MS VP Tod Nielsen replied "ASAP."

More information is available at http://www.bea.com/gobbldygook .

About the author
Nate Orenstam is a Java J2EE programmer and consultant specializing in multi-threaded applications.

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