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Software Qality Study

Zack Urlocker
Monday, April 01, 2002

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Don't bug me!Leading Cause of Software Defects Sought

(San Melvino di Burpo, Calif.) A new study by the Qality Asurance Insitute (motto: "Bugs 'r' Us") has examined the source of programming defects, known as bugs, among software projects. The study, originally expected to be completed in November 1999, was recently released for publication. Spokesman, James Glitch, acknowledged that not everything went as expected during the project. "Lets just say that there were a few mishaps along the way," he said. "But eventually, we recovered most of the data. We were pretty heads down about that whole Y2K thing," he admitted.

According to the study, the leading source of bugs are:

-Falling asleep at the keyboard and entering a lot of random characters that look like C++ code (34%)

-Forgetting to turn on the server and claiming it's a Windows problem (28%)

-Accidentally spilling Mountain Dew on the keyboard and claiming it's hardware problem (22%)

-Calling Windows API function GetStuffedWindowProcessID incorrectly (15%)

-Calling Windows API function SetBlueScreenOfDeath even when told repeatedly not to (13%)

-Programming stoned and writing really amazing code that makes no sense the next morning (10%)

"Basically, the leading cause of bugs appears to be programmers," he said. "If we can eliminate the programmers, we feel confident we can eliminate almost all software defects." Glitch was pleased with the findings. "We feel good that the data totals very close to 100%." The report will be available on the Qality Assurance Insitute web site as soon as the server reboots.

Good enough for government work!

About the author
Zack Urlocker is a Silicon Valley software executive and
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