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Reasons Enron CEO Quit

Zack Urlocker
Thursday, February 21, 2002

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Enron High Voltage Departure

Ouch!Many have speculated about Ex-Enron CEO Jeff Skilling's rapid departure from the company. After just six months in the top job, he abruptly resigned telling reporters it was for "personal reasons." Now according to Enron spokesman Mel Feasance, here are the top reasons Jeff Skilling really resigned from Enron.

  • 10. Uncomfortable not being able to spell "derivative"

    9. Wanted to study the Napster business model

    8. Thought there was a bigger upside in WebVan stock

    7. Wanted to get the jump on other Enron execs on HotJobs.com

    6. Figured his days were numbered when Martin Frankel got busted

    5. Needed to catch up on his SEC paperwork

    4. Planned on touring with Phish next year

    3. Wife pushed him to take a job with a bigger paycheck

    2. He may be greedy, but he's not stupid

    1. Tired of being Ken Lay's bitch

About the author
Zack Urlocker is a Silicon Valley Software executive. He knows what derivatives are, but he's not saying.

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