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New: Marion Jones Denies Doping

Zack Urlocker
Saturday, August 28, 2004

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Just Say So

Yowza!(Athens, Greece) US Olympic track and field star Marion Jones continues to deny reports that she has used performance enhancing drugs that have caused a record number of 20 athletes to be banned in this summer's Olympic games.  "Performance enhancement?" Jones asked.  "After coming in fifth place in the long jump, that's not what I would call it. I'm calling my lawyer and getting my money back," Jones said.  The US Anti-Doping Agency (1-800-GOT-DOPE?) continues to probe possible connections between Jones and BALCO, a secretive San Francisco organization that is the official supplier of steroids to Major League Baseball players.

Jones ex-husband, CJ Hunter, a former US shot-put star who has admitted to using steroids, has reportedly told investigators from the Internal Revenue Service that Jones used steroids before, during and after the 2000 Olympic games.  Hunter has also admitted to writing Marion Jones' phone number on bathroom walls and sending more than a dozen pizzas to Jones' North Carolina home.  "He knows I hate pizza," Jones said.

After winning 5 medals at the Sydney Olympics in 2000, Jones' performance in Athens has been particularly disappointing.  In her final shot at a medal in Athens in the women's 4x100 metre relay event, Jones failed to pass the baton to teammate Lauryn Williams causing an automatic disqualification for the US team and opening the door for Jamaica to win the gold medal.

"Ja mon, Jonesy, she need to relax more," said Veronica Campbell, captain of the Jamaican women's relay team.  "But we take care of her tonight, you know, show her some real Jamaican gold."

Jones expressed disapointment at her Olympic performance, but demonstrated the resiliance which has made her famous by focusing on the 2008 Olympics.  "Do you think they'll have the same kind of testing in Beijing?" she asked. 

About the author
Zack Urlocker is a Silicon Valley software executive capable of running a four minute mile in just under six minutes.

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