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Kerr Licks LPGA

Nate Orenstam
Friday, July 12, 2002

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Other Players Very Friendly


(Lincoln, Calif.) Twenty-four year old Christie Kerr achieved a narrow victory at the recent LPGA Longs Drugs Challenge at the Nash Bridges Golf Club in Lincoln, Calif. Kerr finished with a four-day total of 8 under par giving her her first professional win. "It was long and hard, but I licked it," Kerr said.

The tournament was highly competitive with Kerr beating out two-time Longs Drug champion and former film actress Juli Inkster. "You just have to open up and stay relaxed. When the pressure was on, Juli choked," she said. Kerr acknowledged that it was a very competitive tournament. "Still, the women have been really friendly to me," Kerr said. "There's always a lot of rumors about the LPGA, how the women are, well, a bit different. But I found them to be really nice to me. Always talking with me in the locker room, complimenting me, patting me on the back. Sometimes a couple of times," she said.

Despite the intensity of the four day tournament, there was still time for cameraderie among the players. "Just the other night, a couple of the girls came by my room and asked me if I wanted to join them in a threesome," Kerr said. "I didn't even know you could play the course after midnight. I don't think they do that back home," she said.

Kerr was obviously proud of winning the Long's trophy. "I'm just in awe. I've never seen one this large before," she said, proudly kissing the trophy. "A couple of the ladies wanted to borrow it last night, but I told them it was all mine."

Kerr, who hails from Miami, was a three-time winner of the Florida State Junior Hooters Championship and also won the South Atlantic WebCam Amateur title in 1996. Kerr earned $135,000 as well as a film offer from Playboy to star in "The Women of the LPGA: Masters of Stroke Play."

About the author
Nate Orenstam is a world-class J2EE programmer and occasional golfer.

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