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Shnob Appeal
January 31, 2010

Charles Schwab & Co has managed to keep their nose clean while other brokerages were hit with conflict of interest scandals.  But now even Co-CEO Charles Schwab has quit his own firm.  Chuck, as he's known, has long been the underdog of individual investors.  These days, he might benefit from a fresh start, too.  More...

VC Report
January 24, 2010

According to the Q1 2002 Venture Report by The Money Toilet ("We're flush with cash!"), investment in Venture capital has increased significantly in Q1, despite fund returns coming in at approximately -85% ( -20 Celsius).  More...

Big N' Ugly
January 21, 2010

Do you ever find yourself reading the nutritional information at a fast food restaurant?  Sometimes it feels like it's not fast and not even food. If there's truth in advertising, maybe McDonald's next campaign would look something like this...  More...

Oracle Teams with Mafia
January 15, 2010

Oracle today announced a new strategic agreement with US organized crime syndicate the Zamboni family of New York. "In this tough economic climate, we wanted a partner that would do 'whatever it takes' to be successful," said CEO Larry "the mouth" Ellison. "Believe me, these guys will do that and more."  More...

Lonely at the Middle
January 13, 2010

A lot of people wonder exactly what a product manager actually does. I have product managers who work for me and I'm still wondering.  People question: What's it like to hobnob with marketing gurus and industry execs at high falutin' conferences? Frankly, I've puzzled over this myself.  More...

Larger iPods
January 12, 2010

Apple Computer has announced its next generation of new more powerful iPod music players with larger storage.  The new iPods store over 7,500 files and comfortably seat four adults.   More...

Ballmer Leaves Microsoft
January 12, 2010

Microsoft today announced the resignation of CEO Steve Ballmer after just over two years in the top position. Ballmer will be be exiting the Microsoft executive suite to pursue a life-long dream of joining the rock group KISS. The announcement caused a flurry of activity on Wall Street this morning as investors unloaded Microsoft shares and bid up KISS paraphernalia on eBay.  More...

Apple Supercomputer
January 12, 2010

Students, faculty and custodial staff at the New Jersey Institute of Technology and Monster Trucks announced that they created a new supercomputer powered by thousands of Apple computers, each with 2% market share.  More...

Schedule Slippage
January 10, 2010

Even the most conservative project schedules usually end up slipping. But if your management is like most, they're probably sick of hearing the same old excuses. So here's our new Top 10 Excuses you can use.  More...

Towards Simplexity
December 29, 2009

IBM today announced new initiatives to augment the complexity of enterprise infrastructure. "We examined thousands of customers and determined the number one source of complexity. It was IBM."  More...

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